Nova Tegra

has cracked the code of architecture

How to make the future of construction cheap, sustainable and good to live in

Nova Tegra is founded with a vision
to deliver both temporarily and permanently, flexible, modular housing, with
tailor-made solutions and are based on a value set where cultivating quality of life
through new, sustainable housing forms are the primary driving force.

We have made it our speciality to create a holistic framework for better
quality of life by developing individualized buildings that enable strong
communities for young people, students, seniors and hotel guests, as well as homes, annexes, cottages and sound studios.

Great flexibility solves
specific needs

The potential of our modules is sufficient
well beyond just private housing needs. The module housing may as well come into play
as workplace environments that flexibly live up to the changes in working conditions over time.

For example, a high-tech workplace, a temporary office environment, a lab, a
kindergarten, a study, etc. which can be transformable, scalable and can be moved to
brand new contexts, with very low costs.

In this way, we have managed to start and develop a new genre within
temporary architecture, which solves concrete housing and workplace needs with regard to both
a minimal carbon footprint, the purely aesthetic and the social context that construction must be a part of.

building blocks

The foundation of the business idea is one
wood-based and modular construction principle that brakes the restrictions and the CO2
cost of the conventional container frame while it is adaptable and dimensionable. 

Thus, the quality level of the module is raised to danish housing standards, and at the same time

retains the flexibility and opportunity temporary in construction.

We have, so to speak, created a new form for building block system where all exterior
goals go up 3 times 3 times 3 meters, in width, height and length. The system ensures that the modules
can be put together and stacked in every conceivable ways.

The modules are mounted on screw foundations that
enables a total construction project without the use of a single gram of concrete.

We have an eye for sustainability in more than one sense. The homes must have aesthetic
quality, social quality, health quality and financial balance. In addition, we aim
towards a "Housing +" typology that over time do not use C02 on either production,
transport or operation. 

The homes can be tied together by illuminated footpaths, plant boxes, wooden furniture and a wild
natural ground with organic flowers, plants, trees and rainwater lakes, which can be seen in it
newly created study village at Gribskov Gymnasium, which was listed in record time.

Modern study village
in record time

Students in the North Atlantic High School class at
Gribskov Gymnasium can live in one of our furnished homes in a brand new student village right next to the high school. Here lives
young people from Iceland, Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Denmark in a local community of 30 new
sustainable and unique architect-designed homes on a scenic ground few hundred meters away from the high school.

The student village has since been seen as one innovative and sustainable statement on how
one can in a short time and with relatively few means establish housing and embrace communities.

Proof of concept

With only eight months of combined process,
including four months of designing and planning, and four months of production and setup, we managed to make
Denmark's fastest housing project from the first dash for move in, and got proof of delivery concept that combines sustainability, low
construction cost and optimal framework for quality of life.

A global and growing market potential

With our modular construction you can, from standing with a building site without
building maturity, till you have modules produced in three months, and mounted on
the ground within two weeks, without the use of concrete.

The business idea is based on a global increasing need for attractive, scalable and
sustainable housing and supported by global megatrends, which will define
the construction industry globally for the decades to come. 

Our buildings provide public and private institutions, municipalities,
non-profit housing companies, private foundations and college organizations, private builders
and landowners, pension companies and eventmakers brand new opportunities.

In-House Suppliers
provides lower costs

As something unique in the Danish architecture industry,
we stand for the entire value chain from idea presentation in collaboration with the customer, to
delivery of the specific design solution and to production and delivery of the finished products, the move in ready modules. 

Without costly and delaying intermediaries, there is opportunity to create
more synergies, lower prices and overall quality assurance and coordinate
the business process for the fastest possible delivery time.

Economic balance is a core value for us and delivery costs are
therefore always in focus. Flexibel decoration and application over time is crucial
parameters as well as the possibility of moving the construction. That's why we set special
requirements for robustness.

Our product portfolio is based on The DGNB criteria to ensure the quality of

The DGNB criteria have the following overall quality criteria: environmental quality,
Economic quality, Social quality, Technical quality, Process quality, Area quality.

Temporary architecture

creates brand new opportunities

We are facing the construction industry in terms of speed of delivery and economy, completely
without using concrete, and is noted for having listed Denmark's fastest residential building, with
less than four months from finished design to move-in ready housing.

We strive for five benchmarks after becoming the preferred plug & play of the future
solution in construction. Architecture should in the future be spatial, inclusive, socially empowering,
flexible and scalable.

With  flexible module housing needs for both vulnerable,

single parents, families with children, students, elderly people as well sports athletes who are on trial in various
sports clubs.

Our residential modules are quick to implement, and cheaper to build compared to
to building in bricks.