G r i b s k o v  S t u d e n t  V i l l a g e

In this project, we have not created any waste at the construction site, not driven any soil away, and not used a single gram of concrete.

The production, building maturation and construction, on the other hand, took only 3 months from  start to move in and can thus be characterized as the fastest housing project in Danish history! In addition, we have used screw foundations, produced from 75% recycled steel in a solar cell-operated factory

and can last for more than 100 years and even moved several times, as well as we have planted

organic flowers, plants, herbs and trees.  3 seepage lakes take care of the rainwater from buildings and land

without straining the sewer system in the event of flooding and at the same time act as nice gathering places.

Aesthetics and community are at the forefront, with special-purpose wood-based modules designed and built from scratch.

Each student has at least 18 m2 / 45 m3 with private bathroom, toilet and real kitchen, heat pump and fully furnished accommodation as well as

large common terraces and roof terraces. On the large nature grounds there are trail systems, campfire seats, lounge furniture and space for bikes and fun. Study Homes can be made in all sizes to suit your needs and wallet.






Gribskov Student Village

Gribskov High School/

Gribskov Municipality

8 months in total

3 months of production  

Student housing

August 2019